An enormous pet shop is about to open in Dublin... and we want to go 10 months ago

An enormous pet shop is about to open in Dublin... and we want to go

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Animal enthusiasts, this may just be your little drop of heaven.

Anyone who has themselves a little fur-friend knows all too well that it can be just as fun (if not more so) shopping for them as it is for ourselves.

Well… great news because a GIANT pet shop filled with everything you need to fulfil any outdoor and pet-pampering needs opened in Tallaght on Friday! Best of all, they're giving away a €500 shopping voucher to a VERY lucky winner!

Currently Equipet have two outlets in Meath, two in Louth and now - at last! - two in Dublin.

We've already had a peak around the store and spotted the likes of cosy beds, comfy collars, scrumptious eats, dental care, precious toys, and safety clothing.

Not only are there reams of items to make life happier and simpler for our pets, but in this gigantic store you’ll also find yourself moseying about the aquarium full of exotic and cold-water fish and eyeing up those sweet-as-pie hamsters, bunnies and guinea pigs. Just be prepared for time spent cooing over these adorable little creatures.

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Equipet also has outstanding services available in-store like microchip scanning, plus nutritional experts on hand to ensure your pets dietary needs are being met with the perfect food for them! They even have a pet weighing service too, ensuring every kitten and pooch are where they need to be.

There’s also a free water-testing service for any pet fish. Simply bring in a water sample from your home tank or aquarium and trained employees will assist you in providing a healthy home for your swimming pet.


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And in case you're looking for something special for your pampered pooch, there are endless amounts of  yummy Christmas gifts, plus heaps of toys that will add hours of joy to your pets' day! (yes, they too expect gifts under the tree).

Rosewood Comet's Christmas Selection Box for Dogs, €6

Oh, but that’s not all. Let’s not forget about The Groom Room at Equipet - their marvellous pooch-pampering and blow-drying service where nails, ears, and fur are made immaculate.

Sure, those pups could do with a bit of style in their lives too, couldn't they?

Well with the new store being even nearer to plenty of homes, it will no doubt ensure the most remarkable Christmas gift is found for your best pooch, your cuddly hamster or a feathered friend - just think of all that trendy apparel your pet will be flaunting this winter!

Well, we know which one-stop shop we'll be hitting this week!

Brought to you by Equipet