Here's how to stop flies and wasps from coming into your house 3 months ago

Here's how to stop flies and wasps from coming into your house

The sun has only just made an appearence and already the wasps are out.

Keeping cool by having the windows open becomes a nightmare when you're constantly being invaded by flies and other bugs.

Having a small baby in my home I'm particularly wary of wasps and how bad a sting would be for her, so I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep the house wasp free.

I came across this trick a little while ago and according to those who've put it to the test, it actually works.

The trick is to place some copper coins in a plastic bag and then fill the bag with water.

Tie the handles of the bag together and hang it from your door or window to stop unwanted bugs from entering your home.

Apparently, this works at keeping away flies and wasps because they assume that the bag is a bee's nest and back well off.

It's also great if you're holding a summer dinner party outdoors or are on a family camping trip and want to keep the bugs at bay. Post Covid, obviously.

With temperatures across the country set to stand well into the late twenties, I might finally be able to keep my windows open in peace.

Now if only there was a trick this simple to keep pollen out of the house too.