TikToker says he's the 'last man on earth' after fake claims 7 months ago

TikToker says he's the 'last man on earth' after fake claims

Javier posts videos of empty streets, hotels and supermarkets.

Social media users are calling out a TikTok account held by a self-proclaimed time traveller, who claims to be the last man on earth.


The account, which is run by Javier (@unicosbreviviente), has over six million followers, and posts footage of what looks like completely deserted streets, as he claims to be the only one left.

In the caption of one video of an eerily quiet Barcelona, Javier wrote: "Waking up, everything changes place.

"I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours."


@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @diegogr01_♬ sonido original - Javier

Other videos on his account feature him enjoying luxurious hotel rooms in Spanish cities, presumably because, as the last man on earth, no one is there to stop him from entering.

Not everyone, however, is convinced by his claims, with many calling it out to be a hoax.


Many claim that the videos of the cities are simply edited to look empty, with some pointing out continuity errors between videos.

For instance, before he posted a video of Barcelona by day, he posted the same street at night. However, many viewers have noticed that the day video features a parked red car that cannot be seen in the night shot.


@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @memide.23

♬ sonido original - Javier


Others claim that Javier is simply showing footage he took of empty streets, possibly captured during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One TikTok user said: "it's obviously a video from back in lockdown when no one went out."

Some have been challenging Javier to really prove he is a time traveller by showing expiry dates of the food on shelves in supermarkets. Others want him to travel to places that are constantly busy - like an airport.

Many TikTok users also believe that the reason Javier uses music in so many of his videos is because he's attempting to block out the noise of other people, because, of course, he's not really the last man on earth.