It's That Time Of Year Again - Twitter Releases Hashtags of 2015 5 years ago

It's That Time Of Year Again - Twitter Releases Hashtags of 2015

As we see 2015 drawing to a close, Twitter have released details on the most used hashtags on the site in the last 12 months.

They range from the dress optical illusion that plagued us all earlier in the year to messages of support for the people of Paris in the wake of the attacks last month.



Twitter lit up in solidarity for the victims of November's terrorist attacks using the hashtag #PrayForParis, while others also used #PrayForSyria in an effort to highlight the casualties of conflicts all around the globe.

#BlackLivesMatter The social justice movement of politically conscious African-Americans has dominated the news in the US and indeed globally. The campaign has been highlighting injustices committed against the black community by law enforcement and other authorities, and looks set to continue to rally for fairness, safety and accountability.



The world made some significant advances in terms of LGBT rights with our own referendum in May, and the overturning of DOMA in June in the United States. Twitter of course celebrated these human rights victories and here in Ireland #hometovote brought a tear to many of our eyes.

#RefugeesWelcome After the shocking photo of three year old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach, the global community was galvanised into showing their support for the many refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East.



When Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at his Texas school on suspicion of possessing a suspicious device, it turned out he had just assembled a clock to show his classmates and Twitter was disgusted at the Islamophobic nature of the incident.


#FIFAWWC The Women's World Cup was one of the biggest sporting events of the year with tweets about the tournament viewed almost 9 billion times.



We were all in awe of the terrifying wonder that is space when a NASA spacecraft generated some beautiful close up images of the planet.