UK Band Viola Beach Die In Swedish Car Crash 6 years ago

UK Band Viola Beach Die In Swedish Car Crash

Five British nationals have died in a car crash in Sweden, including the four band members of indie group Viola Beach.

Confirming the news this morning, the Foreign Office has said the accident occurred when the car in which the five passengers were travelling in plunged more than 25m from a highway bridge into a canal.


The four band members, Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin, were in Sweden taking part in a music festival ‘Where is the Music?’ on Friday night.

Addressing media this morning, a Foreign Office spokeswoman said:

"We can confirm that five British nationals died in a car accident in Sweden on February 13.

"We are in contact with local authorities and supporting the families at this very difficult time".


The men were all identified using their passports found on their persons.

Swedish police are now working with the Foreign Office global response centre, where the case will be transferred to a specialist traffic incident team on Monday.

Lead Image: Viola Beach/Facebook