A water advert has been banned for suggesting drinking it makes you live longer 3 years ago

A water advert has been banned for suggesting drinking it makes you live longer

A selection of water adverts have been banned for suggesting that drinking it will make you live longer.

The ads for premium water brand, No 1 Rosemary Water, claimed that drinkers of the product could free themselves from disease, live longer, and even reverse time.


The campaign referenced the Italian town of Acciaroli, saying that its residents had been drinking Rosemary Water for years and that "unusually large numbers" of them had lived to be over 100-years-old.

By drinking the water, one in 10 of these people now apparently had "... little or no Alzheimer's, arthritis, or cataracts."

The ad said:

"Evidence strongly suggests a daily intake of rosemary can help the body stay illness-free and in turn contribute to a much longer life.

"Scientists believe their daily consumption of rosemary is responsible for their incredible good health and longevity."

The ad showed an elderly woman (played by the world's oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe) drinking the water and immediately transforming to a much younger woman.


Upon receiving 19 complaints about the contents of the ads, Rosemary Water released a statement defending their campaign.

They said that they did not make any links between their product and the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer's.

They also said that the ad simply commented on the low rates of such diseases in the village of Acciaroli and that the water happened to be sourced near there.


The Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complaints and ordered Rosemary Water to stop running them.

The ads ran last year from April to June.

Rosemary Water is available to buy in Harvey Nichols.


It retails at just under €5.00 per 750ml bottle.