Will Young admits he's not close to Tom and Casey since leaving Love island 5 months ago

Will Young admits he's not close to Tom and Casey since leaving Love island

Casey visited Tom without Will..

Love Island star Will Young has spoken out about his feud with fellow contestants, Tom Clare and Casey O'Gorman.


While in the villa the three were inseparable and called themselves "brothers" but rumours started circulating that the brotherhood is no more ever since the show ended.

Casey and Tom seem to spend a lot of time together on the outside whereas Will is spending most of his time with girlfriend Jessie Wynter.

Instead of returning home to Oz, Jessie moved to Will's family farm in Buckinghamshire and has fitted in quite well to the farm life.

The couple have been delighting followers with their hilarious farming content on social media and they look really happy together.


Will addressed rumours that himself, Casey and Tom are drifting and on a recently episode of the Useless Hotline.

He said: "I was pretty close with Tom and Casey in the villa, you know, the three musketeers!"

Later he said that himself and Jessie are just "focusing on ourselves".

As mentioned in the Irish Mirror, Jessie said: "We've been out on the farm, it's really hard, they're all like 'Come to Manchester' and it's like babe we're so far away!


"It would take us a day to get there."

Will and Casey had a previous spat at the Love Island Aftersun show where Casey's true thoughts on Jessie were revealed and Will was less than impressed with him.

Fans are also spotting some tell tale signs that they brothers aren't as close as what they once were.

Only recently, Casey made the trip to Barnsley to visit Tom without Will.


Speaking to The Sun, Tom said there is no feud between the three and that they're hoping to meet up soon.

He said there's regular contact between himself Casey and Will and that he "loves Will to bits".

So I guess that clears it up.

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