'Wintry outbreak and snow showers' this is the weather we're in for today 4 years ago

'Wintry outbreak and snow showers' this is the weather we're in for today

It doesn't sound that bad but it promises to get worse.

It's safe to say we all went a bit mental yesterday when it was announced that the Beast from the East was heading our way.


The shops emptied of all the bread and milk we could gather, and some people even went so far as to buying snow gear in a shop in Carrickmines.

The latest Met Éireann weather update doesn't seem as bad as we thought though, with wintry showers and possible snowfall heading our way today.


"A very frosty start to Tuesday with ice in parts. Scattered wintry showers down along the east coast to begin too, with some falls of snow possible.

"A dry start elsewhere, however cloud will increase during the day and some scattered wintry outbreaks will spread westwards across the country. Snow showers will develop more readily across the east of Leinster again later in the day.

"Highest temperatures will range only 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, in fresh northeast winds, with an added wind chill factor."

But tonight doesn't look too good, with the weather forecaster saying: "Very cold tonight with a severe frost and icy stretches. Further scattered wintry showers moving westwards across Ireland, with snow accumulations, especially across Leinster and east Munster."


Wrap up, be safe and don't make unnecessary journeys tonight.