Woman In Labour Receives Shot Of Disinfectant Instead Of Epidural 8 years ago

Woman In Labour Receives Shot Of Disinfectant Instead Of Epidural

A woman who was in labour was given a shot of disinfectant instead of epidural in a horrible mix-up in a Swedish hospital.

Like the epidural would have, the disinfectant was injected directly into her nervous system.


According to the Daily Mail, the mother was admitted to hospital Malmo where the mix-up occurred. She was left "writhing in agony" for a week after the incident.

According to reports, the two containers were mistakenly switched on the morning the woman arrived in hospital.

The Local reported that the disinfectant injected into her system was chlorhexidine which is used for cleaning medical devices.

Anders Rehn, the acting director for the hospital, commented: "Obviously, this shouldn't happen. We have removed the containers so they cannot be switched. The chemical is no longer in the birthing clinic."


The woman in question was released. Doctors claimed that the dosage was too small to cause lasting damage.

"She has extreme pain in her back, and feels something like electric jolts all the way down through her feet," the woman's husband said. "They are only aware of two similar cases in the world. In one the patient became disabled. They don't know what happened in the other."