This inspiring new sports video shows how exciting it is to live in Ireland today 3 years ago

This inspiring new sports video shows how exciting it is to live in Ireland today

Brought to you by Life Style Sports. 

Once a year, on Paddy's Day, we celebrate all things Irish.


Water is dyed green, various green beverages are served, Irish flags are waved all over the place, and you can see shamrocks everywhere you look. It's a great day.

Irishness isn't just about greenery though. It isn't just about mythological creatures, dead Saints, and past heroes. Being Irish isn't about celebrating on one day a year - it's about our passion, pride, history, evolution and revolutions, creativity, diversity, and all the rest that comes with being a part of this country. It's about those who shaped and are shaping the nation, and those who live here in the tomorrows to come.

Life Style Sports is all about spreading this message and supporting our present and our future Irish heroes. Their new video, starring Dublin artist Erica Cody, celebrates the incredible homegrown Irish talent that exists in the country today.

How can the future look anything but exciting when we have innovative and evolving Irish talents like footballer Stephanie Roche, runner Amy O'Donoghue, and rugby player Andrew Conway, or fantastic artists like Erica Cody herself or Versatile and Hare Squead, all making a huge mark in their field?


Erica Cody describes some of the traits that make us uniquely Irish in the video. "True Irishness is a mindset... It means we don't settle. We challenge, we change, we create. True Irishness means we know when to work hard and we know how to play harder."

Life Style Sports is proud of their own Irish roots. Through the many years that they have called Ireland home, they have been supporters of Irish sport, as well as exclusive retail partners of both Leinster and Munster Rugby and sponsors of Bray Wanderers and St. Joseph Boys FC. They take pride in both supporting Irish names of today and encouraging Irish names of tomorrow.

We can all name some Irish people who have stood out in the past, people who have made a name for themselves over the years - but who are the future greats that are creating lasting memories, and breaking boundaries in their fields? Who are the people who are social, inspirational and fearless that are driving Ireland forward?


Who comes to mind when you think of the future of Ireland?

Who are your future greats?

Brought to you by Life Style Sports

As a business, Life Style Sports is #ProudlyIrish and proud to call Ireland home. They are even luckier to be playing such a special role in supporting and celebrating the future greats of Ireland. Share the hashtag #ProudlyIrish and let everyone know what makes you proud to be Irish. Check out the Life Style Sports website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to learn more.