7 iconic fashion moments to celebrate Princess Diana's 60th birthday 3 months ago

7 iconic fashion moments to celebrate Princess Diana's 60th birthday

From gowns to bikinis to jumpers, Diana had a varied sense of style.

Throughout her life, Princess Diana was loved by the public.


Known as the 'Queen of Hearts', Diana's charity work and public persona resonated with people in the UK and around the world. She was also renowned for her unique sense of style.

Today, 1 July would have been her 60th birthday, so to mark the occasion, here are seven iconic fashion moments from Diana Spencer.

The Bellville Sassoon Dress

Diana wore this stunning gown to an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1981. The next day, it was announced that she was pregnant with William.

The Red Polka Dot Blazer

Diana had a soft spot for red polka dots, and wore them on numerous occasion. Here she is photographed in dots in Gloustershire two months before her wedding to Prince Charles.


The Jumper and Bike Shorts Combo

As beautiful as she looked in formal wear, Diana knew how to rock a casual look as well. She paired this Virgin Atlantic Sweatshirt with orange bike shorts in London in 1995, and to this day it remains a popular combo.

The Plum Crushed Velvet Gown


Diana wore this distinctly '80s look to a distinctly '80s event: the Back to the Future premiere in Leicester Square, where she met Steven Spielberg.

The Wedding Dress

In what is possibly her most famous look, Diana wore a gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel at her wedding to Charles in 1981. The dress was made from 25 yards of silk taffeta, 100 yards of tulle crinoline and 150 yards of netting. The train was an impressive 25 feet long.


The Multicoloured Bikini

The Princess paired this gorgeous floral bikini with a matching sarong while holidaying in Majorca in 1988, and she looked absolutely stunning.


The Black Off-The-Shoulder Dress

The press dubbed this outfit the "revenge dress", because she wore it on the same night that Prince Charles revealed that he hadn't been faithful to her. Diana wore this to a Vanity Fundraiser in 1994, and it later fetched £39,098 (€45,477) at auction.