7 questions to ask before you get your first tattoo 1 month ago

7 questions to ask before you get your first tattoo

You’re biting the bullet and getting inked – now what?

No matter who you are or how tough you reckon you are, there are some things you should consider you’re getting your very first tattoo.

Here are some questions to put to your tattoo artist before you book your appointment.


Can I see some of your previous work?

Lots of artists will have their work on Instagram or might keep a portfolio in the shop. Be sure to check it out to make sure their style is what you’re looking for before committing to them.


What should I get?

You may think you know exactly what you want already but best to ask for their take. They’ll have a better idea of how it’ll actually look on your skin and can make informed recommendations so keep an open mind.


Where should I get it?

Again, be open to their advice. A good tattoo artist will be honest and tell you where the quote, tiny elephant or Zodiac symbol that you’ve your heart set on will look best.


How will this age?

No tattoo artist has a crystal ball but they should have an understanding of how your ink might look in the future. Everyone’s skin and body shape change as they get older, while ink also tends to change over time, so no harm to get an idea.


How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Asking this is a no-brainer. Some artists will charge for their time, others might set a price based on what they do for you. Bear in mind that your design might need more than one session too.


What is the aftercare?

They can advise you on how best to help your skin recover or may want you to pop back in to have your dressing changed afterwards


Have you done this on anyone else?

I once heard of a shop in Australia that kept a running tally of all the wave tattoos they did on backpackers coming through. Nothing wrong with having the same design as someone else but I’d personally like to know if a lot of people have had something similar to what I’m getting.