Aldi's velvet stools are just €25 and don't call us basic for wanting a pink one 3 years ago

Aldi's velvet stools are just €25 and don't call us basic for wanting a pink one

Ah Aldi.

We're somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but we've really missed shopping over the past couple of months. Where once we would have spent hours around town drifting from shop to shop browsing, now a quick dash to our local convenience store is all the shopping we get to do.


Doing 'the big shop' has now become one of our social highlights of the week. And how glad we are of Aldi's middle aisle of wonders that give us some semblance of that 'shopping' feeling we so enjoy.

Of course, it helps that the supermarket chain has been stocking some of the very things we're obsessed with right now. Who can forget the national clamour last month when their garden range arrived? It was literally the most exciting thing that's happened since Christmas.

While it's not quite on fire pit level of need, Aldi has another piece arriving in store this Sunday, May 31, that we reckon will be highly coveted.


Yes, the store is bringing back it's popular velvet footstool as part of its weekly special buys.

The stool measures approximately 38cm x 40cm, and has a wide gold metallic band at the base. Priced at €24.99, it comes in a rich blue and dove grey but, of course, it's the pink version that we've fallen for. Use it as a stool or footrest, balance a tray on top to make a side table – or just put it somewhere pretty and admire the view.

Millennial pink is still one of the hottest trends in homewares, and we are not ready to be over it quite yet – especially with these sunny days brightening up our homes. Plus, with so much time spent at home over the past few months, we're badly in need of some on-trend new homewares pieces to add a splash of style and, frankly, give us something new to look at.