This ASOS hack is the key to nabbing the sold-out items 3 years ago

This ASOS hack is the key to nabbing the sold-out items

Tried and tested.

We love shopping and on this gloomy, dreary Monday that's masquerading for a MARCH evening, it's high time you discovered our most recent hack.

A few weeks back, we learned of your fondness of ASOS when people went crazy for this particular tip.

Now, after lots of browsing research on the online site, we've come up with another gem.

It relates to the 'Saved' section of the website and how it can help you to get the buys that have sold out.

Most of us are familiar with the rage you feel when the item you want has sold out in your size.

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Although, we tend to move on and focus on the next must-have, you really should add the item to the 'Saved' section in your personal account.


By doing this, you can quickly check in, multiple times a day, if you have to and see if it comes back in stock*.

The most popular items rarely come back in all sizes but they will get the odd size, here and there.

Having had our eyes on a pair of camel Nike Air Max Theas FOREVER (slight exaggeration, maybe three weeks), you can imagine our delight when lo and behold, they were restocked in a size 6 the other day.

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The satisfaction was even sweeter because in the days previous to this only sizes 2 and 9 were being restocked.

Moral of the story or shopping hack is, you'll need to be dedicated and consistently check in but by doing so, chances are you will get that item you really really want.

*The best way to keep tabs on the item you're after is by downloading the app but do so at your own peril.

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