Beyoncé Spent HOW MUCH On These Diamond-Encrusted Shoes?! 6 years ago

Beyoncé Spent HOW MUCH On These Diamond-Encrusted Shoes?!

We're huge fans of pretty shoes and have been known to overspend when it comes to the perfect pair of high heels.

However, after hearing the ludicrous price of Beyoncé's new shoes, we're not going to feel guilty about buying shoes anytime soon.


Her 'Princess Constellation' stilettos, made of 18ct gold and encrusted with 1,290 diamonds and precious stones, are priced at the grand sum of (wait for it)... £216,000.

There's a LOT of diamonds...

The bling shoes, which were bought from the House of Borgezie in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, reportedly come with a 1,000 year guarantee.

Speaking to The Birmingham Mail, the shop's owner said: "It’s the ultimate, Beyoncé’s one of those fantasy customers. If you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé.

"I’ve been told the stilettos are for her next video which should be out in the Autumn".

We can't actually cope with this. Can't.