Celebrity jewellery designer Maria Tash launches in Brown Thomas today 3 years ago

Celebrity jewellery designer Maria Tash launches in Brown Thomas today

Celebrity jewellery designer and ear piercing expert Maria Tash is launching in Brown Thomas today...and I'm praying for a lottery win!

Renowned for her exquisite earrings that utilise precious metals and stones, Maria Tash uses the finest materials to create her unique designs. The designer initially approached jewellery design as a hobby, undertaking a course with her mother when she was younger, but did not pursue it as a career until after she finished her undergraduate degree in astronomy.


Yes, the New York-born designer was in the field of science before she built her iconic jewellery brand and the knowledge she gained whilst undertaking her degree serves her well today.

Speaking to Brown Thomas ahead of the launch, Maria said,

'It’s amazing how much of what I learned has informed me as a designer - I use those science skills in design, by caring about nuanced details in my pieces. The hardness and curvature of the parts of my earrings that go through the ear, the quality of the alloy of gold and nickel free options, and the precision of laser drilling and notching of my diamonds.

An attention to angle and the trajectory of the needle in my piercing style can also be attributed to my science background. Of course, one could just say I like sparkly things, like astronomy, and that's true too.'

Indeed her host of 'sparkly things' has attracted more than a few celebrity magpies. Since founding her self-titled fine jewellery collection in 1993, Maria Tash has some very noteworthy clients.

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss, Jennifer Hudson, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, celebs are flocking to the designer to create her signature 'curated ear', which assesses each customer's unique complexion, anatomy, and personal aesthetic to create the perfect look for each individual. Oh and did we mention Queen Bey is also a fan?



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Blake Lively is again pairing her now trademark suits with Maria Tash jewelry, and we love her choices. This time, the A Simple Favor actor chose a trio of beautiful Triple Long Spike Rings in opal, black opal, and turquoise, creating an elegant color palette and a very distinctive #CuratedEar. This array of spikes is matched with another spike ring, the Triple Turquoise Short Spike, in the other ear. ⠀ .⠀ ?? Maria Tash Opens in #Dublin!⠀⠀ Book your #piercing, or ear styling, in advance of our September 27 opening in #BrownThomas. Join us to create your bespoke #CuratedEar at: http://www.mariata.sh/dublin ??⠀⠀ .⠀ ?: @blakelively ?: #MariaTash⠀ #BlakeLively #ASimpleFavor #piercings

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While the price point of Tash's pieces are high (hence the Lottery win!), her designs really are stunning and instantly recognisable as the designer adds a refined touch to the piercing world. Blogger Rosie Connolly often gets inundated with questions about her curated ear which features three elegant Maria Tash pieces.


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Ear shot ? Something I am still asked about regularly is my piercings that I had done! You can swipe across to see the two piercings I had done at the @maria_tash pop up when it was last in @officialbrownthomas ? Since then, the top one came out in my sleep (sorry I’m so useless with the specific names for the areas) and was closed by the time I went to put it back in so have to get it redone.. but I’m dying to get some more additions! I love the inner ear one and the diamonds still sparkle months later ✨Although, please bare in mind the healing time... I know everyone is different but mine took months to finally heal and they were very tender to sleep on for a long time! Worth it...? I think so ?❤️ PS. How weird is an ear close up ???

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The new Maria Tash boutique will be located on the second floor in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street and customers can be assured of a luxury piercing experience with the expertise of top stylists. The designer is excited about her new Irish venture saying,

'Ever since our successful Dublin popups, we have been eager to come back and join the well curated collection of luxury brands that are proud to call Brown Thomas home'.

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