Cheryl is in Cannes and we have serious questions about her footwear 4 years ago

Cheryl is in Cannes and we have serious questions about her footwear

Why Cheryl, WHY?

We absolutely loved the outfits Cheryl wore on arrival to Cannes Film Festival yesterday but we have serious questions about today's look.


Posing on the balcony of her hotel, the 34-year-old showed off her latest ensemble and our first thought is that she must be absolutely melting.

After checking the forecast in Cannes at the time of writing, we can tell you that it's twenty-one degrees and so, why on earth would you go around in thigh high, PVC boots.

Cheryl, who is mum to one-year-old son Bear, paired the boots with a striped top and skirt, perhaps taking fashion inspiration from the fact that co-ord matching looks are everywhere this season.

Cannes ??

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Her top is a cropped style, which she paired with a black bralette and she looks like she's having the time of her life with a big grin for the camera.

Fair play to her for choosing a different look but her fans aren't too fond of it with many people leaving comments under her latest Instagram post.

One said:


"What has the world come to if they think that's fashion!!!!"

Another commented:

"Epic fail on the horrendous outfit".

This fan didn't hold back either:


"Did you get dressed in the dark, pet?"


We're of the opinion that Cheryl should wear whatever she like but in saying that, there's no way those boots are comfortable in 21-degree heat...