These €600 double waistband jeans has everyone confused 2 years ago

These €600 double waistband jeans has everyone confused

Peak notions.

We've seen our fair share of fashion trends, and lately, it seems like designers want to go so outside of the box that they end up on the moon.

With fashionable crocs, and see-through jumpers, there's no end in sight... however, these double waistband denims have really stumped us.

Not only are they a tad shapeless, but whoever thought 'let's put a pair of jeans inside a pair of jeans' was fashionable is beyond us.

Well, London designer, Natasha Zinko, who created the new look, said the "layered waistbands give these wide-leg jeans a modern high-low profile."

Whatever that means...

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They went above and beyond with the micro trends too, as the jeans have frayed ends, lighter side stripes, seven pockets and two zips.

And they'll cost you a pretty penny too - coming in at £518 (€587) they're not cheap.

As we all know, fashion is unique to everyone, so if you dig these jeans that's cool... but we think we'll pass on the trend.