Everyone's going to want Blake Lively's latest accessory 5 years ago

Everyone's going to want Blake Lively's latest accessory

My love for emojis is real.

Trying to pick a favourite, attempting to use as many as possible in the one message and finding alternative meanings to some of them - the fun is endless.


Anyway, we've had emoji pyjamas, emoji keyrings, emoji bedclothes, and emoji jewellery but Blake Lively has just raised the game entirely.

The popular actress, whose style has been applauded time and time again, shared an image to Instagram a few hours ago and just look at her emoji necklace.

It's from an American fine jewellery brand named Anna Lou and was gifted to Blake by a friend.

The mother of two posted the below snap with the caption:

"Thank you @tizzielisch ! You've proved emojis and respectability CAN coexist after all ? with a little @alisonlou".


It's also a necklace that can be easily paired with others so you can give a nod to the fab layering trend that's everywhere at the moment.

#LayeringApropos: Pick a theme and go all out with it

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