The expert tip that makes a spring wedding really special 4 years ago

The expert tip that makes a spring wedding really special

Although foliage is THE wedding decor trend of the moment, we've just come across another expert tip that will make your spring wedding stand out.

If you're getting married soon or even planning a spring wedding for next year or the year after, then there's one colour you should really consider - yellow.


Yep, we know what you're thinking, YELLOW.

The cheery, bright, sunny hue might not be the first shout when it comes to planning a wedding colour scheme but it definitely deserves more consideration.


It's the best (not to mention easiest) way to add something a little different amidst all the white, cream and ivory that dominates traditional weddings.

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Yellow is a feel-good factor with some experts even suggesting it promotes happiness and given that your wedding is meant to be the happiest day of your life, what's not to love?


If that's not enough to persuade you to add a little sunshine then this expert advice might do the trick.

Speaking to My Domaine, Kate Ryan & Chelsea Dillon, Partners of Gold Leaf Event Design & Production explained exactly why touches of this particular hue can make a huge difference.

"While yellow isn’t typically incorporated into most wedding colour schemes, when integrated into a spring wedding it’s absolutely beautiful! We love pairing bright hues, with soft whites and ivories creating the perfect spring inspired balance".

That's it, we're sold...