Holly Willoughby just wore the most DIVINE €12.95 black top from Zara 2 years ago

Holly Willoughby just wore the most DIVINE €12.95 black top from Zara

We need this!

You can say what you want about Holly Willoughby, but you can't deny that she always looks completely gorgeous.


No, she doesn't dress like a runway model or a Jenner (which is fair enough!) - she just dresses perfectly, all the time.

She always looks put together, and wears outfits that we would genuinely want to wear ourselves.

Every day, the presenter posts a snap of herself on Instagram, showing off her outfit of the day.

And every day, we go on, excited to see what she's wearing.

Yeah, we're super fans... don't @ us.

Anyway, today Holly rocked one of her most stunning looks ever, and she looked absolutely glorious.

The best bit? Well, the outfit was made up of designer and high street pieces, so it's affordable.


Holly wore a gorgeous midi skirt from Essential Antwerp, and we just adore.


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Morning Tuesday... today’s #hwstyle?✨ on @thismorning skirt by @essentialantwerp knitwear by @zara ❤️

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However, the skirt costs over €250, so it isn't exactly in our budget at the moment.

But the top she paired with the skirt is very much on our radar.


Why? Well, because it costs €12.95 from Zara.


Holly captioned the picture:

"Morning Tuesday... today’s #hwstyle on @thismorning skirt by @essentialantwerp knitwear by @zara"


Fans, as always, took to the comment section to admire the fab outfit.

One wrote:

"Was wondering where this post was. Looking gorgeous as always!"

Another said: "Another day and another amazing outfit you show off looking good!"


It's great to have her back after a well earned summer break.