Interiors update: Our top picks from IKEA's dreamy new summer collection 4 years ago

Interiors update: Our top picks from IKEA's dreamy new summer collection

Summer, will you just hurry up now?

Remember last weekend, when the weather teased us into thinking that, finally, winter was over? Well, this week sure was a crach landing back into reality again, wasn't it? Seriously; hail storms? Now?!


Anyway, if you think you are desperate for summer to come now, wait until you have clapped eyes on the gorgeous new outdoor collection from IKEA, which we just took a sneak peak at this week. One glance at these beautiful, oh-so-sunny images, and you will almost think you can feel the heat of the sun on your skin and the sound of waves washing up on a beach somewhere.

Seriously; can't you almost smell the burning coal from the barbecue?


This year, IKEA is telling us not to worry about expensive holidays abroad, about far-flung beaches and long-haul flights. Instead, they say, we should consider if all along, the relaxation and escape we really need, could actually be waiting a lot closer than you think it is – at home.

This is what they had to say:

"Finally summer is just a heartbeat away. And, while many of us start thinking about where to escape, how to unwind and what to expect, IKEA is wondering if perhaps all the relaxation we need lies just around the corner, at home."

And you got to admint; the do make it look all sorts of tempting the whole staying at home thing.

"What if the best vacation is the staycation," the homeware giant asks us. "The summer that you spend with all the things dear to your heart; friends, family, comfort and convenience."

"So this year’s summer collection of comfy outdoor furniture, solar driven lighting, vibrant fabrics and fresh accessories invites people to slow down and capture each moment of their summer. Because, whether rain or sunshine, let’s be real about it: there’s no place like home."


Just think about it. Late nights in the garden. Friends over for a barbecue. Impromptu trips to nearby parks or beaches. Picnics. Sunny days on the terrace. It all sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

"One of the many pleasures of the staycation is the people whom it's spent with. Everyone knows – the best crowd is at home. So why not invite your favourites over for a backyard (or park) lounge? Tune in to a chill-out play-list and show off your cocktail skills. After all, it doesn’t have to take a flight to the south of Europe for the best Sangria."

Or explore the seaside near you.

"What else says mindfulness like fishing by the sea? Especially if there's a sunset to view too. Cuddle up with a special someone and enjoy a peaceful evening by the fire and the fresh smell of seafood."

Psst! This year’s new no-fuss grill-pan lets you barbecue your food straight on the grill."

You got us, IKEA. We do want to make this summer the best one in a long time – and all without stepping foot on a plane. What we have our eyes on? Well, these for sure (and then probably a whole lot of other things too, once we get ourselves up to IKEA for a good snoop around):

Sommar 2018 lanters for tea light (€6).

Sommar 2018 plant pots (from €5).

Krokholmen outdoor coffee table (€40).

Sommar 2018 mug (€3) and bowl (€2).

Sommar 2018 hanging plants (€21).

SOLVINDEN solar-powered pendant lamps (€6).

 Summer, we are ready for you, so whenever you are.