People have a real issue with the dress that Holly Willoughby wore on Friday 4 months ago

People have a real issue with the dress that Holly Willoughby wore on Friday

We really like it though.

On Friday morning, Holly Willoughby shared a snap of herself wearing a lovely outfit on Instagram.

In fact, it was her last outfit post for This Morning for the next while, as they embark on a cheeky summer break.

We're jealous.

The blonde stunner wore a gorgeous a gorgeous colourful dress from Kobi Halperin, and looked fab.

Holly paired the look with a pair of chic heels, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.

As always, mind you.

The mid-length dress floral number hugged her figure perfectly, and was the ideal little summer number.

However, as usual, people have taken issue with the outfit, because of the price.

Kobi Halperin is a fairly high end brand, and is sold in some of the fanciest department stores in the world.

Dresses from Kobi usually fall in or around the €600 mark - which is pricey we admit.

So yeah okay, we admit that the outfit isn't exactly in our price range, but sure look.

The dress Holly wore is available online from Fenwicks for £580 - so around €650.

However, people were less than impressed with Holly and the cost of her outfit.

One follower commented:

"This dress is gorgeous, this dress is over £500 please get the fashion section to do a "copy holly's look on a budget" each time."

Not really her responsibility though, is it?

Another fan said: "Beautiful, just need £580 now to buy it..."

It should really be noted that Holly Willoughby is not dressing for our benefit. She's not wearing clothes so we can go out and buy them... she wears what she likes lads.And in fairness, Holly is usually pretty good for striking a contrast between high street and designer.

We say leave her at it!