Kate Middleton's wedding day hairdresser shares ultimate hack 4 years ago

Kate Middleton's wedding day hairdresser shares ultimate hack

You can do it at home too.

James Pryce, the man behind Kate Middleton's stunning wedding day hairstyle has shared the hack he uses to give hair bounce and volume.


James is responsible for creating the demi-chignon, half-up and half-down style Kate wore the day of her marriage to Prince William.

It stands to reason that we'll listen to whatever advice he has to offer and this is one is brilliant because you can use it to do your own hair at home.

It's pretty simple, you'll only need a couple of items to hand but it's using these that results in the type of volume we associate with Kate's stunning locks.


James recommends using a Redken product, the Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum which you can pick up for between €20-€25 depending on where you shop.

Chatting to Cosmopolitan, he explains that using this product on damp hair encourages bouncy waves.

James says the next step is to turn your head upside down and dry your hair with a diffuser but it's important that you use the hairdryer on a "high heat, low-speed" setting.

The diffuser attachment isn't something that's always used but when it comes to volume, James says it can make all the difference.


If it means hair like Kate, we might just have to try it...