New Look are selling Friends Christmas t-shirts and could we BE any more excited? 3 years ago

New Look are selling Friends Christmas t-shirts and could we BE any more excited?

Friends was the show that defined a generation.

Which is why with a stream of constant re-runs, Netflix, and catchy one-liners, the sitcom is still going strong more than 14 years after it went off the air.


And with the holidays around the corner, we know exactly what TV show we're going to be catching up with this Christmas - after all, there's no better time to catch up with our favourite group of fictional friends.

Which is why we were particularly excited when we found out New Look are now selling two Friends t-shirts, featuring prints of some of the most iconic moments from the sitcom's Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes.


One of the t-shirts is from the episode The One With All the Thanksgivings, where the group all reveal their worst Thanksgivings - and Monica ends up with a turkey on her head, complete with a giant pair of sunglasses.


The other one is from The One with the Holiday Armadillo, showing Monica standing between Chandler dressed as Santa Claus and Ross dressed as the Holiday Armadillo.

Both of the t-shirts cost €14.99 and are available in sizes 6 to 18.


The retailer recommends styling the t-shirts with straight leg jeans and ankle boots, which we reckon would be absolutely perfect if you're aiming for a smart-casual kind of look.

But, with the wintry weather on the way, we reckon it would be equally as perfect with a cosy cardigan and a comfy pair of trainers.

They've also got a number of other Friends-inspired items, including other t-shirts, socks, a nightshirt and hoodies - you can check out the full range here.