No chemical peel needed: 7 easy ways to achieve the glowing skin of your dreams 1 year ago

No chemical peel needed: 7 easy ways to achieve the glowing skin of your dreams

Coffee, wine and (much!) less sleep than we'd actually like to indulge in can leave our skin looking a little less than luminous.

Sure we all love a good highlighter, we can’t live without our favourite moisturiser, and we swoon over every new lipstick colour we see, but when it comes to beauty products, here’s what we really (really!) want: Glowing skin.


Dull, lifeless skin can make a girl look like she needs a good kip or a day at the spa, but glowing skin just screams health, youth and beauty.

The best part? You can TOTALLY achieve that dewy glow without resorting to Botox or chemical peels. (And don't let anyone tell you the only way to achieve a luminous complexion is to ditch you latte habit. You DO NOT need those levels of negativity in your life!)

So, in an effort to give you that natural, radiant, lit-from-within skin we all covet, here is our (totally doable) seven-step guide to get your glow on this fall:

1. Eat well

OK, there is no getting around this one. Turns out, we (AND our skin) really are what we eat. Aim for lots of fresh fruit and veggies, the more colourful the better. Drink plenty of water and load up on healthy fats (coconut oil, chia seeds, salmon, nuts, etc.). Those Omegas work by literally plumping up your skin from the inside out.

2. Sleep more


There is a good reason it is called Beauty Sleep, and why not getting enough of it can play havoc with our looks (as well as our mental state!). The cells in your skin renew themselves when you sleep, so make sure you are vigilant about removing any trace of make-up before you go to bed, and invest in some hard-working nighttime products for your skin.

These are designed to work with your skin during those vital hours of sleep, unlike daytime skincare products, which often contain an SPF and other ingredients that can clog your pores and distract your skin from doing what it is meant to be doing while you snooze.


3. Use a Toner

After you cleanse your skin, use a toner. Not only does the toner bond products to your skin, but it also helps even out your overall skin-tone.  Those of us with oily skin and clogged pores can benefit the most from using a toner, but this one really should be a staple on anyone's bathroom shelf. Just be careful when choosing one, and look for ingredients that are as gentle as possible.


4. Exfoliation

When you start exfoliating your skin, chances are you will see results almost immediately.  Exfoliation sloughs off all those dead skin cells making your skin look dull and grey, and will make the products you use on your skin after get to work both quicker and more effectively. A sure-fire way to get glowing!

5. Stop touching your face

Seriously, think about all the stuff you have been touching throughout your day (Changed nappies, anyone? Wiped snotty noses? Held the hand rail at the Luas?) Seriously; any time you touch your face, you are leaving excess dirt on it – for no reason. Hands off!



6. Invest in a good primer

Putting primer on your face before foundation allows the formula to work with the primer and your face at the same time, making application smooth. You can even wear the primer on its own for a simple, more natural and make-up free glow.

7. Apply a highlighter


For the perfect evening and nighttime glow, never leave the house without a highlighter. Aim for a perfect sweep across the top of the cheekbones, on the cupids bow and where the sun might naturally hit, and you'll be looking great in no-time – without glowing like a disco ball.