People have described this €8 bra as 'the most comfortable ever' 3 years ago

People have described this €8 bra as 'the most comfortable ever'

Trying to find the perfect bra is no easy task.

Bralets are pretty but they don't exactly offer support, t-shirts bras do the job but they're a little boring and don't even get us started on strapless fits.


However, Amazon shoppers believe they have found the perfect bra, none other than the Hanes Convertible Wire-Free Bra.

Prices start at around €8 but depending on the fit/type you choose, you can pay up to €40 for one of these bras.

You'll see that it has garnered almost 1,140 reviews on the popular shopping site which is pretty impressive but what is so great about it?!

People have said it's comfortable, pretty viral when it's something you wear almost every day.

Another advantage is that the two layers of material add extra support but without the discomfort of an underwire.


€12 bra


€12 bra

In addition to that, people say it fits like a glove and the straps allow you to wear it as normal or you can crisscross them.

One person described it as the most comfortable bra she'd ever worn while another said that it had changed her life so if you're in the market for a new bra style or fit, this might be worth a shout.

Interestingly, if you have a look at the reviews, you'll see that women with different cup sizes (A, B, C and D to name but a few) have given their seal of approval to the Hanes bra.

€12 bra


this €12 bra


It also comes in a range of colours including nude, navy, light grey and dark grey.