FINALLY! Reinforced sole socks mean you'll never have sore feet on a night out again 3 months ago

FINALLY! Reinforced sole socks mean you'll never have sore feet on a night out again


We all know how uncomfortable shoes can lead to sore feet particularly if you're hobbling around in high heels for an extended length of time.

It gets to the time when you need to take them off because you simply can't bear the searing pinch that goes through your toes any time you move an inch.

Enter Aftersocks, the reinforced sole socks sure to make our lives a lot easier.

They've been launched on Kickstarter and are well on their way to becoming a reality now that over three quarters of the necessary funds have been raised.

The product will remain on the crowdfunding platform for the next week and a half before product development begins.

There are a few options available too, black, silver and gold and you can choose from three size ranges including 2-4, 5-7 and 8-11.

What sets them apart is the "special after sole that makes the bottom of the sock stronger and gives extra protection" and there's extra soft cushioning too, the treat your feet need after a long night out.

Fold up shoes were all the rage there for a while but let's face it, carrying them around in your handbag didn't leave much extra space.

Popping a pair of socks into your bag is a lot easier and that's why we see these becoming very popular.

Monika Trojanowska and Joel Bijlmer, created the product after Monika experienced the very same issue that we've all been through with sore shoes and angry feet.

Of course, not everyone will be happy just walking around in socks and it wouldn't really suffice for an extended period of time but at the same time, a pair of these would be very handy to have at the end of a long night wearing heels.

We might just have to try them for ourselves and see what all the fuss is about...