Some absolute legend has an Instagram devoted to every outfit worn in 'Sex And The City' 4 years ago

Some absolute legend has an Instagram devoted to every outfit worn in 'Sex And The City'

Be still my beating heart.

Sex And The City was a cultural phenomenon. It had just the right mix of fashion, philosophy, friends, fucking and feminism to reel us in hook, line, and sinker.



Above all else, it was aspirational: all of a sudden every woman longed for cosmos, condoms, a GBF (gay best friend), and a walk-in wardrobe stuffed to the rafters with ostentatious outfits.

SATC served some serious outfit realness over the course of its six seasons. Watching every single episode was like an invite to a masterclass in styling with golden Greek goddess Patricia Field.

If you, like me, got shivers down your spine hearing the theme music one last time for the final episode in 2004, then fret not, because some absolute legends are in the midst of creating an Instagram devoted to EVERY OUTFIT EVER WORN on the hit show.

Yes, you heard right. The account, Everyoutfiteverwornonsatc , is brand new and already has 33.7k followers, and it allows you to relive so many iconic looks.

How does everyone feel about this fab belt statement?


Remember that time Miranda had to plot the most elaborate evasion of her ex and his new gf dressed like this?


Just look.



That dress...

Samatha's glam Dior headpiece was absolutely everything.


Her sexually liberated attitude and barley there outfits made for some great, often envious gawking.

So whether you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, and especially if you're still dealing with Post Traumatic Sex And The City Disorder, this account has got something for everyone.

Of course, it doesn't answer the most pressing query of all about SATC: How in the hell did Carrie Bradshaw afford a plush Manhattan apartment, fancy dinners at the most happening restaurants, elaborate cocktails in themed bars (remember ‘Bed’ anyone?) all on the salary of a weekly sex columnist?


Anyway, this new Instagram is the perfect excuse to cancel last minute on long-held plans to scroll through the costumes. Just pull a Jack Berger and leave a Post-It Note on your friends door that reads "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me."