Student Sent Home For Wearing A Crop Top...Wait For Her Response 5 years ago

Student Sent Home For Wearing A Crop Top...Wait For Her Response

Aleki Halket was sent home from school earlier this week because the crop top she was wearing broke her school's dress code.

The teenager didn't accept the rebuke because she didn't think her outfit was the problem and in her opinion it is the attitude that people have towards women's bodies.


Taking to social media, Alexi said that teenagers have a right to dress how they want without the fear of making other people uncomfortable.

She enlisted her friends (in excess of 500 people) to join her in Crop Top Day and numerous pictures of the event were uploaded to social media.

This led to a discussion with Rob MacKinnon, her principal at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto.

“I’m very proud of them for talking about what they value — critical thinking is important in schools,” said MacKinnon.

“It’s about appropriate dress for this setting, not sexualising students or objectifying them, but what’s OK in school" he continued.


The National Post reports that Alexi and her friends have not yet backed down on the issue.

When Rob put forward the argument that school is a professional argument, Alexi replied: "This is your job, so I understand if you have to be professional, but I have to go to school and I’m going to wear whatever makes me comfortable".