There's a new €26 waistcoat dress in Zara and it's just perfect for spring 3 years ago

There's a new €26 waistcoat dress in Zara and it's just perfect for spring


Spring is here and although it might be absolutely baltic outside, that doesn't mean that we're still not going to dress as if it's not.


We had our stunning three whole days (!) of extremely mild weather with the occasional bit of sun and now it's back to freezing fingers and chattering teeth but sure look, what can you do?

One thing we can do is stock up on our spring wardrobe with a load of new bits because hey, it's bound to get at least somewhat warm soon, right?

... And if not, just throw a coat over the look, be grand.

The spring look in question is primarily based around this new waistcoat dress that just landed in Zara.

It's got stripes, it's got the colour blue, it's got enough fabric to cover your legs against that blistering chill in the air.

What more could you ask for in a spring-themed look?


Oh, it's also retailing for €25.95... so there's that.

So pretty.

So minimal.

So ultimate spring chic while you wear sunglasses and pretend the sun is out even though it's not and it's freezing out just like it has been for days on end.


The dress is sleeveless with a lapel collar and double-breasted buttons - perfect for wearing to the office, out of the office, and basically just wherever you want, really.

Zara has teamed the dress with a pair of slim cat's sunglasses and some black ankle boots, but you could throw a long jacket over it too if you simply cannot be dealing with the cold.


Here's hoping it'll warm up over the next few days.

Or months.