These €11 Penneys shoes will make getting up on Monday morning SO much easier 2 years ago

These €11 Penneys shoes will make getting up on Monday morning SO much easier

The €11 Penneys shoes to brighten up your Monday.

Mondays are never fun but January Mondays are another level of pain altogether, okay slight exaggeration but you get the idea.


Christmas is a distant memory, summer feels like a lifetime away and you're in a strange in-between period where everyone is complaining about the fact it's January.

Clearly, that attitude won't get us anywhere so let's concentrate on the upside of this time of year which includes the fact that there are lots of fab new pieces dropping in all the high-street stores at the moment.

Case in point, the €11 Penneys shoes that would dress up any outfit.

The loafers are both stylish and office appropriate and having a fab outfit is one way to make Monday a little more bearable.

Considering that Gucci loafers are lusted after by many a fashion queen, these dupes are the next best thing and at that bargain price, you really can't go wrong.

Check them out below, swoon.


As you'll see from these Instagram posts, loafers are super versatile and you can wear them with so many different pieces.

Try them with checked straight-leg pants, jeans, midi skirts, culottes....the styling options really are endless.

They're in stores across the country now so if you want them, hurry up!



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M e r c r e d i ? - J’aime la mode et m’habiller depuis que je suis enfant, c’est un héritage de ma mère. Je n’ai pas honte de dire que j’aime avoir de jolis pièces...Ça a toujours été pour moi, une façon de m’exprimer (c’est pour ça que je change de style selon l’humeur) et aussi, de m’affirmer. Aimer s’habiller ce n’est pas le propre de la femme je suis d’accord, mais c’est quand une belle façon d’affirmer sa féminité. J’ai toujours trouvé ça beau et, dans cette société qui nous culpabilise sans cesse, je l’assume pleinement. Assumez ce qui vous fait vibrer et vous sentir bien au delà des préjugés.??❤️ - #outfitoftheday #sezaneaddict #styleblogger #gucciloafers #lacetop

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