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These new Zara accessories bring us right back to being kids again


The Looney Tunes were EVERYTHING as kids, (Tweety Bird was a personal fave) and life was so much simpler back then.

Although we're now technically grown-ups and have to at least try at 'adulting', retro accessories mean we can pretend to relive our childhoods. Kind of anyway.

Zara's new collection, Comic Meets Denim, is all about the fun.


Think leather jackets emblazoned with slogans, Wonder Woman t-shirts, jeans and of course, the bags.

COMIC meets DENIM | New Woman editorial #zaraeditorials #zarawoman

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Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Sylvester feature but we really have to question why Bugs Bunny didn't get a look in.


The Porky Pig box bag retails at €39.95 and the Tweety/Sylvester clutches are priced at €17.95.



They won't be for everyone but if you want to inject a little personality into your boring everyday black ensemble, this is an easy way to do so.

I have a feeling they'll be everywhere in the coming weeks!


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