This €16 Zara top is your new workwear must-have and it comes in three colours 1 year ago

This €16 Zara top is your new workwear must-have and it comes in three colours

The €16 Zara top we'll be wearing on repeat.

Dressing for the office can be difficult particularly when the occurrence of four seasons in one day is standard practice, hello Irish weather.


That's why you need some good style staples on hand with this particular purchase sure to come in very useful especially as the €16 Zara top comes in three different shades.

You can never have enough monochrome in your wardrobe and that's why we plan on buying both the black and the white versions.

However, the dark green is ideal for autumn and would add an elegant touch to an otherwise simple outfit, wear it with black slacks and loafers, perfection.

The Ribbed Knit Sweater is priced at €15.95 and with the ruffle trims and hem, it's the dressy version of your go-to basic tee.

It would also work well tucked into a pair of wide-legged culottes or worn with a tailored pencil skirt, there are plenty of styling options.


In terms of fashion forecasts, it looks very much like green could be a frontrunner for the shade of autumn-winter 2019.

I have to say I've noticed a lot more of the colour on the high-street lately ranging from sage, lime and olive tones.

However, it's this emerald blouse that's really grabbed my attention for it's the perfect piece to update your wardrobe for the transition from summer to autumn.


For all the gals who might be inclined to introduce some green to their wardrobes, this is the High Neck Satin Finish Blouse and it's an affordable purchase too at €25.95.

Oh and if you'd rather opt for a full look featuring this statement shade, there's a skirt in the very same shade.

Worn together, it looks like a dress but the beauty is that you'll be able to style both as separate pieces, the dream really. Two outfits for the price of one.