We Almost Didn’t Recognize Leonardo DiCaprio This Week... 6 years ago

We Almost Didn’t Recognize Leonardo DiCaprio This Week...

The focus of most of our teenage crushes, Leonardo DiCaprio, certainly cut a different look this week when he was spotted out shopping in New York.

The Romeo and Juliet star sported a ponytail and beard while walking down Madison Avenue, causing many passers-by in New York to walk past him without a second glance.


Leo was snapped out and about (INFphoto.com).

Now we know he has had a beard and longer hair for quite a while now, but we think the fact that nobody recognized him wasn't helped by the fact that he was wearing his cap extremely low down on his face.

We're not sure how he can see where he's going (INFphoto.com).

Now if that was us, we would be immediately suspicious that someone famous was hiding under that hat, but apparently, nobody even noticed him… apart from the on-the-ball photographers of course.