Everyone is obsessed with these Zara shoes and they are FINALLY back in stock...GO! 1 year ago

Everyone is obsessed with these Zara shoes and they are FINALLY back in stock...GO!

The gorgeous Zara shoes that come in two perfect colours.

Square toed shoes have been the surprise hit of the summer and you know, this is a trend I'm very much into.

It's difficult to tell exactly where it all kicked off but Topshop's Strippy Sandals, see here, were very popular from the very first batch, so much so that they kept selling out.

This season, Zara did a version too and they have been very hard to track down, disappearing from the website as soon as they've been restocked.

I know this because I'm one of those eager shoppers, keen to get a hold of them and I finally bagged a pair.

Zara shoes

They are the Leather High Heels Sandals with Square Toes and as you'll see below, they're seriously chic.

The shoe of the season comes in black and white and both are due to be fully restocked soon, any day now judging by the 'Coming Soon' message that features on the website.

Having missed out on them a few times, I submitted my email so that I would be notified when they were back in stock.

A simple but useful service that many high-street online shops offer, I managed to grab a size six last night and I'm very glad I did because only sizes three and five are available today.

The good news is they're due to get a second order so if you add your email, you should be in luck, I'm currently trying to justify the black pair as well...

Zara shoes

The style of the shoe is super flattering, those thin straps and square toe effect, and you can wear them with pretty much everything - jeans, dresses, culottes, midi skirts and the list goes on.

If you want them, get yourself over to the Zara website asap...