Zara's €20 trousers are so GOOD and we don't want to wear anything else ever again 4 months ago

Zara's €20 trousers are so GOOD and we don't want to wear anything else ever again

Zara's €20 trousers are SO good.

You might have noticed that faux leather trousers are massively trending right now and it's a look we're very much into.

They come in a variety of styles - joggers for comfort, high-waisted for dressed-up days and leggings for casual chic.

However, Zara's €20 trousers might just be the best of the bunch.

Zara's €20 trousers

The Flared Faux Leather Leggings are priced at €19.95 and honestly, it's hard to find a better bargain from this autumn-winter season.

Combining two looks into one, flares and leggings, we're very much into this combination.

The flared style is seriously flattering and sets them apart from your average black leggings, not that we don't love them equally.

Pairing Zara's €20 trousers with a cosy oversized sweater makes for the perfect everyday uniform, bonus point for the fact that it would be a cosy, comfortable ensemble.

Zara's €20 trousers

You could take inspiration from the Zara model and try a monochrome look, black and white together will never not look smart and put together.

Another Zara purchase we're very much into are the Flat Leather Boots because well, just look at them.

They're extremely versatile, they're durable and will stand the test of time plus the flat heel means they can be worn all day, every day.

Marianne of Smyth Sister is a huge fan and if you follow her, you'll know her style is incredible and she knows all the best Zara buys.

She's been wearing them with skirts, pants, dresses and if you need some styling inspiration, look no further for your new favourite Instagram follow.

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