You can now go on a spa day with your dog in the UK and sorry, imagine 1 month ago

You can now go on a spa day with your dog in the UK and sorry, imagine

Whose pooch is in need of a pamper?

There's a reason why January is peak time for spa days.

Everyone's wrecked from all the drinking. Our bellies are full from all of the eating. Our backs are sore from passing out at awkward angles following rough nights featuring the aforementioned two activities.

We deserve rest. We crave relaxation. We are in dire need of lying on our stomachs and allowing a stranger to rub oil all over our bodies for an extended period of time.

And as it turns out, so are our dogs.

A spa in the UK is now offering clients a Pampered Pooch Experience that involves taking your dog to the spa, engaging in a lovely walk, and ensuring that both of you are as zen as you could ever be.

The dog-based spa activities - because yes, they are of course the most important - include:

  • A shampoo massage bubble bath to help soothe and relax muscles
  • A pedicure and paw soak, with a deep paw moisturising balm
  • An ear cleanse
  • And a fragrance cologne finish

Only for the best boys.

That particular package is currently available at Derbyshire's Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa, but there are a whole host of other spas across the country that also allow dogs the opportunity to join their owners on their quest for relaxation.

Compiled by booking website SpaSeekers,the list includes spas that simply allow dogs in treatment rooms to those that give the doggos their own special rub.

After all, everybody likes a treat.

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