A first-of-its-kind remote working retreat will let you go on holiday without using holidays 2 months ago

A first-of-its-kind remote working retreat will let you go on holiday without using holidays

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We all love going on holidays, there is nothing like it. However, the only problem? Those precious few holiday days get used up so quickly!


If only there was a way to stretch them, you say?

Well, now there is! Thank to a first-of-its-kind remote working retreat hosted by Irish start-up YOGA+, you can now take a holiday without taking any holiday days – in gloriously beautiful Fuerteventura.

The Remote Working Retreat will take place from January 21st - February 4th 2023, and we have a feeling it will book up quickly.


Remote working retreat

The first of its kind from an Irish company, this retreat offers the genius and unique opportunity to take a holiday without any holiday days – and where better place to do it than sunny Fuerteventura, also known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring.’

As for how the retreat would work, we caught up with YOGA+ creator Gill Costello.

"The word 'hybrid' has become synonymous with the way people work now," she explains.


"Our wellness retreats are now a hybrid between work and a holiday, or work and a wellness retreat. In your free time, you get to enjoy all the luxuries of a relaxing holiday in the sun, with everything catered for; delicious healthy food, meditation and yoga classes and BBQ by the pool."

The wellness entrepreneur adds:

"Which means you also then have the mental capacity to really focus during your work hours because everything has been thought of and taken care of for you. We'll also be doing some mindset work in the mornings after meditation so that everyone can start their day feeling cool, calm and collected, ready to tackle any difficult challenges the working day ahead may present. It's a win-win for both your career and your own self-care."

Needless to say, Fuerteventura, with its over 300 days of sunshine per year is the ideal place to escape a dull and dreary Irish winter.


"On weekdays, you will get to enjoy optional guided morning yoga and meditation at the luxury villa followed by a healthy breakfast before being driven to a fully equipped co-working space. And in the evening, you’ll come home to a delicious dinner and enjoy the company of a group of like-minded professionals."

Costello explains that the weekends are then yours to relax in the sun and explore the island before the Sunday evening communal BBQ; sit back as everyone savours a cold drink, tasty food and tunes by the pool.

The unique retreat includes 14 nights accommodation (optional 7 nights)  in either a private or shared room in a luxury villa, morning yoga, meditation and mindset practice (Mon - Fri), a hot desk in a co-working space (Mon - Fri), breakfast each day, dinner (Mon - Fri), Sunday BBQs and more.

On your free days during weekdays or weekends, you’re free to enjoy the island as you please, with your choice of boat trips, surf lessons, kayaking, snorkelling, massages, and even skateboarding lessons.


With very limited spaces available, prices start from €1,899 (excluding flights) for 14 nights in a shared room, with private room options also available.

As for how she came up with the idea of a remote working retreat, Costello explains:

"I was living in Fuerteventura, working remotely managing The Space Between yoga studio back in Dublin, as everything was fully online during the pandemic. I completely fell in love with the island. It's got such a unique beauty and has that a slow-paced, small island way of life."

The Yoga teacher says she knew instantly she wanted to share the island with others, and started searching for the perfect villa to host retreats."

"When I found our villa it was as if it was made for Yoga Retreats, there are outdoor areas that are ideal for sunrise yoga in the morning and another terrace on the other side for our evening relaxing sunset yoga. And so I started hosting our fun holiday yoga Retreats. Once back in Dublin with the retreats underway, it was one of my students that came to me and asked would I run a remote working retreat."

'Yoga is for everyone'

And with that YOGA+ was born, and Costello got to merge her background in event and project management with her personal passion for yoga to create bespoke yoga retreats and events.

As well as the remote working retreat, this new Irish-run company has many more exciting offerings on the way; from international fitness retreats, weekends in Ireland, day trips, corporate wellness, zen hens and yoga gifts.

"YOGA+ is for everyone, every level and ability; the perfect place if you’re looking to dip your toe into yoga for the first time, if you’re a seasoned yogi or anywhere in between," Costello says.

"One of the aims of YOGA+ is to make yoga more balanced by having an equal representation of both men and women. We want to do what we can to promote inclusiveness and encourage more men to try yoga to experience the mental and physical benefits."

Costello explains that one of the more unexpected things to come out of the pandemic, is that it changed things in a positive way in terms of more flexibility with regard to remote working.

"It feels like right now there's a reshuffling as we try to figure out what's going to work for both employees and employers," she explains.

"I think if there are more opportunities like our retreats, opportunities for employees to be supported as they work remotely, offering ways for them to destress, focus, build physical and mental resilience, then both the individual employee and also the businesses will benefit from happier, healthier, more productive workers. I'm all about the win-win mentality."

And in the spirit of making everyone – men included – more aware of the benefits of yoga, YOGA+ is giving one lucky man the opportunity to join their partner (of any gender) for FREE on its upcoming Fuerteventura Yoga Retreat this coming November, 19th - 26th.

"To start encouraging more men on our retreats, we’re giving away a free place to the lucky partner of one of the retreat guests, male or female, and hopefully, the giveaway will spark the interest of more men to try yoga and retreats!”