I tried spa wave therapy - and it was maybe the most relaxed I've ever felt in my life 3 weeks ago

I tried spa wave therapy - and it was maybe the most relaxed I've ever felt in my life

Trouble switching off?

Issues with mindfulness, problems with calming, and struggles with relaxation?


Same. It takes a lot for me to switch off, fully. If my brain isn't firing at all cylinders and my body isn't in a heightened state of up-to-90 there's generally something wrong. Or right. Or I'm asleep.

Apparently, these are all things that spa wave therapy can help with. Or so I was told. I'm a big fan of spa days - they're relaxing, they're chill, they get all the knots out of your back. A lot of the time they do as they're supposed to and they relax you - so when I got the chance to go on one, I was already packing my bags.

Ashdown Park Hotel is situated just outside of Gorey town, a short walk if you're not lugging a suitcase and a quick taxi if you are. The 4 star hotel boasts comfortable rooms, helpful staff, a gorgeous courtyard area, and an incredible restaurant. The salmon was unlike anything I had ever eaten, but more on that later.

I arrived for my spa weekend in a state that could only be described as: a shell of a woman. Stressed, anxious, and very much feeling the internal trials and tribulations of modern life, I was looking forward to a massage and a relax. What I receive, however, was far more than that.


The hotel's new ASHA spa features a Himalayan salt wall, VOYA treatments, a so-called 'skin gym' and of course, the pièce de résistance, the spa wave therapy suite.

As a mere mortal who had never heard of spa wave therapy before this fateful day, I wasn't sure what to expect. I pictured myself submerged in water, being accosted by physical waves and generally feeling a bit stressed in a scenario that was supposed to be relaxing.

Alas, I was completely wrong and spa wave therapy didn't involve water-based waves at all. The waves were, in fact, sound waves combined with a vibration massage underneath a heated blanket that seemed to come from all around, moving up and down my body until I was, extremely, unequivocally, zen.


My therapist gave me the option of choosing 'deep relaxation,' 'medium relaxation', or 'energised.' I of course went for 'deep relaxation,' not knowing that my body would be so at ease that I would literally lose consciousness. But lose consciousness I did, and I tell no lies when I say that it may have been the most tranquil 25 minutes sleep of my life - my only qualm was that I wish it had've been longer.

The spa wave therapy is one of its kind in Wexford, and one of only a few similar treatments in Ireland. The €55 session on the spa wave bed encourages mindfulness and meditation, activities I have always struggled with, and apparently supports the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

When I eventually awoke I went back to the spa's relaxation room and very nearly fell asleep again. My mind felt slow, my body in an intense state of relaxation. So much so that I could have laid there for the entire evening, if I wasn't so looking forward to my dinner.


Three courses in the hotel's Rowan restaurant and my beautifully tranquil day had just turned into a delectable night. Although there weren't too many vegetarian options on the menu (I'm lucky I eat fish), each dish served was akin to a high class restaurant, not your standard hotel eatery.

The goats cheese parfait was the perfect light starter, while the fillet of organic salmon was among the best I've ever eaten. Paired with a crisp rosé (they do have it, you just have to ask) and an incredible sticky toffee pudding for dessert, the meal was near perfection - and the restaurant staff were as warm and as helpful as could be.

Ashdown is among many hotels that have seemingly done away with the staple hot breakfast buffet post-Covid. Alas, their made-to-order offering did not disappoint, providing lots of veggie options, a full continental buffet, and any type of egg you desire (I had two kinds, they were both good).

All in all, my stay at Ashdown was very relaxing and very much needed. Highlights include the spa wave therapy, the beautiful outdoor seating areas, and, of course, that salmon fillet.


The writer was offered a weekend in Ashdown Park Hotel and a spa wave therapy treatment in exchange for an honest review. 

You can find out more about spa wave therapy here.