Bride demands her bridesmaids all be the exact same height on her wedding day 2 years ago

Bride demands her bridesmaids all be the exact same height on her wedding day

A bride-to-be has come under fire after she demanded each of her bridesmaids be the exact same height on her wedding day.

Oh, and that nobody can be taller than her.


So, each of her eight bridesmaids had to stand at exactly 5'10" 1/2 for her big day - which, of course, is where all the drama began.

The story was shared on Reddit by one of the bridesmaids' friends, who said the bride "apparently has some weird height issue."

The post began:

"So, one of my good friends is 5'10" and her cousin is getting married. Now, said cousin is 5'11" and apparently has some weird height issue.

"She starts by telling my friend and her other seven bridesmaids that no one can be taller than her, and she'll be wearing two inch heels, so prepare appropriately."

The friend - who was nicknamed L in the post - decided to wear flats, and everything was seemingly all good.

A few months later, though, the bride decided everyone had to be the exact same height.


The post continued:

"Since L is 5'10", everyone must be exactly 5'10" and a half (apparently the hell on her flats give her half an inch and the bride thinks that's a big enough deal to warrant addressing the extra half inch).

"The issue? One of the other bridesmaids, her high school best friend, is 5'3". That's right, this girl needs 7.5 inch heels."

L and the bride's high school BFF tried to bring up the issue, but the bride began to rant about how it was her big day and "her vision", so they had to get over it.

Then she decided that she hated all of the shoes the bridesmaid found which were seven inches tall.


The post added:

"She's complained about how horrible short bridesmaid is for making a big deal about it. As of yesterday, she told L AND short bridesmaid that they ere ruining her day and that one of them had to drop out of the wedding party.

"She [said she] would let them decide which of them were a real friend to her and which of them was a fake friend."

The other Reddit users urged the bridesmaids to both leave the wedding party - and pointed out just how impossible finding the 'right' shoes would have been.


Someone commented:

"I hope both leave the wedding party. It's impossible to find 7inch heels that aren't plateau."

Another person said:

"I just googled 7 inch heels. How are people able to wear those?? They look massively uncomfortable and it literally looks like you’re walking around on your tippy toes."


A different person added:

"Yeah, real friends don't ask you to stand up in 7" platforms for at least an hour."

Someone pointed out:

"Is it just me or would it look v weird for everyone to be the exact same height and the bride an inch or two taller..."