Bride-to-be baffled after 'demanding' mother-in-law sends her a bizarre request 7 months ago

Bride-to-be baffled after 'demanding' mother-in-law sends her a bizarre request

A bride-to-be had told how she was left totally baffled after getting a surprising request from her "demanding" future mother-in-law.

The woman turned to Reddit for advice after getting the bizarre request from her future mother-in-law, according to the Mail. 

She began the post by explaining that she and her fiancé had gotten engaged within six months of dating, before moving across the country - and miles away from their families.

This is when her relationship with her fiancé's mum went from being "amicable" to...well, a lot trickier. Especially when her future mother-in-law got in touch about her hairstyle for the wedding.

The bride-to-be wrote:

"MIL texted me this weekend asking what I planned on doing to my hair for our upcoming fall 2019 wedding.

"I sent her back a few hairstyle photos I had saved from Pinterest as inspiration."

The mother-in-law then asked her what she was doing about the colour - not the style .

The bride-to-be (very diplomatically) replied, explaining that her hair colour was her natural colour - and she wasn't planning on changing it any time soon.

She wrote:

"This is my natural color and I’ve never altered it chemically. If I ever desire to do so it certainly won’t be right before the most photographed day of my life."

But her fiancé's mum persisted, asking her if she thought people would think it's "weird" they had the same hair colour.

She added:

"I just don’t want you having to explain it to your family that we match."

The bride clarified in the thread that her mum-in-law's hair was nowhere near the same shade as hers, and said she told her that she didn't think anyone would think they were intentionally matching.

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Adding that her whole family had natural red hair, she texted her back:

"It’s just coincidence that you have yours dyed a color in the same color family. No worries at all!'"


After two days of not hearing from her about the issue, the bride assumed that the situation had been put to rest - before her future mum-in-law brought it up again.

She texted her:

"I’m still upset you’re not listening to me about your hair color. I really don’t want anyone judging us for matching. Please reconsider.

"It makes me uncomfortable that you’d be willing to keep the same color as me when you’re marrying my son"

When the bride-to-be told her not to "overthink it" as she didn't think it would be on "anyone's radar that we match", the mum-in-law persisted.

She said:

"It is because my sister already said it would be hard to tell you and I apart in a family wedding photo. I just don't want to put [my son] in an uncomfortable position."

The bride told the other Reddit users that she was "at a loss" about what to do, asking for advice.

She asked:

"Is she really implying her son is somehow going to be sexually attracted to her because we have the same hair?"

Many people told the bride that she should share the exchange with her fiancé as soon as possible. While she said that she would - eventually - she didn't want to do so now as he was "stressed enough" due to work.

She clarified:

"My gut says it can wait. I will absolutely share with him in the future. Today is not the day."