'A fancy wedding is a privilege' YouTuber Melanie Murphy weds in intimate ceremony 3 years ago

'A fancy wedding is a privilege' YouTuber Melanie Murphy weds in intimate ceremony

"Love is all we need during these difficult times."

YouTuber Melanie Murphy has officially gotten married.


The Irish influencer made the decision to cancel her planned wedding ceremony and reception, which was scheduled to take place this week, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

She wed yesterday in a registry office and said that, despite the simplicity, "it was so special."

"This isn’t my actual wedding dress and this wasn’t our big, planned wedding day," she said on Instagram.

"*But* this man, folks, is now officially my husband!"



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Murphy, who boasts a significant 650,000 subscribers on YouTube, said that despite the planning that had gone into her humanist wedding ceremony - and the deposits they had already put down - she and husband Thomas "couldn't in good conscience" go ahead with the event.

"We'd be putting people at risk against government advice," she said.


"We can still have the big celebration down the line, in a couple of years! Having a strong marriage is what we really care about.

"A fancy wedding is a privilege, a bonus, a cherry on top kinda thing. Love is all we need during these difficult times. Anyway fuck, lads, I’m a WIFE!"

Murphy, who did her own hair and makeup for the ceremony, said that she was originally planning to wear an ASOS dress for a trad session she had planned for day two of the wedding.

Instead, she opted to wear the stunning dress to the ceremony itself.


"Coronavirus may be stopping our big day but it's not gonna stop us saying I Do," she wrote.

"This was going to be my day two dress for the big trad session we had arranged for the premises the day after the ceremony... Just gonna wear it today. Fuck it."

A massive congratulations to the pair.