This bride had a wedding dress made out of PROSECCO and we're in awe 1 year ago

This bride had a wedding dress made out of PROSECCO and we're in awe

What a LEGEND!

Ah your wedding day... you pray it will be the most special day of your life.

And lets be real, for most people it usually is.

A serious amount of planning goes into a wedding, from the venue and the food to the drinks and the dress.

Well, imagine if you could combine the dress with drinks?

Oh yes, I'm serious.

wedding dress

One magnificent bride recently combined her love of prosecco with her own wedding dress.

The results? BREATHTAKING!

Kelly McMillan from Edinburgh had a solid steel frame made, to perfectly fit around her wedding dress. 

The frame, which was painted white and accessorised, held 50 flutes of the bride's fave tipple.

And now that her wedding is over, Kelly has decided to rent out the prosecco dress, so that other brides can enjoy its greatness. wedding dress


Kelly shared the dress on Facebook selling sites.

"Prosecco dress for hire. Holds about 50 glasses. Solid steel. Can be dropped off and picked up."

The frame was designed to look like a wedding gown, but also had plenty of room to move.

It also had an opening at the back, where the bride can step in and out from.

Kelly said: "It was fantastic, it's much more personal than just sticking a table full of prosecco and letting guests grab one."

"You just stand in it while they grab a glass and you can speak to them."

Not all heroes wear capes... come wear prosecco!