How to achieve an updo that holds all day and all night 3 years ago

How to achieve an updo that holds all day and all night

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Upstyles: they start out looking fabulous but by the end of the day, your hair often falls out completely.

This is seriously annoying when you've spent ages trawling through Pinterest looking for a stunning effortless updo and twice as long sitting in front of the mirror, attempting to perfect it.

The good news is there are measures you can take and products to use which will lessen the chance of hair grips falling out and your gorge hair might actually stay put for once.

Here are a couple of handy tips to keep in mind:

Put THIS on your hair grips

Dry shampoo isn't just a way of adding texture to your hair, it's also super handy for keeping hair grips where they're meant to be.

An insider tip is to add a little spray of dry shampoo to your grips before slotting them in as the powder in the dry shampoo creates a 'friction' with your hair, thus helping to lock those grips in place.

Carry a mini can of emergency hairspray

Following the first point, hairspray is such a key product with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray, our current go-to as it's long lasting, lightweight without any stickiness.

It's essential for lasting hold and a mini version is handy to slip in your handbag and touch up your style on the go.

Although your hair might look perfect when leaving the house, Irish weather, general humidity and wear and tear mean you'll need hairspray at some point.

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray is humidity resistant which is major plus for anyone battling with unruly weather in the hot sticky weather we're experiencing of late.

Experiment with different ideas

Have a look on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to find a style that you like the look of but that's easy enough for you to try a DIY job.

If you're totally at a loss, hair accessories such as a floral garland can transform a simple look into something special.

Another option is a hair donut which will is an easy way to get the perfect hair 'bun'.

Love this hairstyle! Throwback ?? #hair #hairdonut #twist long time no see

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TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray is a good shout when it comes to a finishing spray for it will hold your hair WITHOUT stickiness or visible residue.

Another advantage of this product is the fact that it's humidity-resistant, ideal for the clammy unpredictable weather we're experiencing in Ireland of late. 

It's also great at controlling those pesky flyaway hairs that tend to appear when you've spent ages perfecting your mane.


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