Albino woman's review of Rihanna's beauty line proves how great it is 6 years ago

Albino woman's review of Rihanna's beauty line proves how great it is

Rihanna recently launched her makeup line, Fenty Beauty.

There has been much excitement surrounding this beauty line and for good reason.


Unlike countless other brands on the market, Fenty Beauty doesn't just cater for a few select people with generic skin tones, it tries to cater for everybody.

Which is why instead of selling 20 or so foundation shades, Fenty Beauty is selling 40.


Rihanna's attention to diversity here has not gone unnoticed with many people applauding the star's inclusion of people who have a range of darker skin tones.

Often, these customers are ignored by beauty companies who claim that their shades of foundation won't sell as well.

Fenty Beauty has already busted this myth, with many Twitter users sharing photos of Fenty Beauty stands as they try to restock their darker shades.


But the line is also being commended for its inclusion of light shades as well, which cater for those for may have no pigment in their skin.

Krystal Robertson recently shared her review of Rihanna's makeup line and it proves that Fenty Beauty is one of the most inclusive and diverse lines going.

As an albino woman, Krystal said that she usually struggles to match her face to her neck when wearing makeup.


After trying some Fenty foundation, however, she had no trouble.

She took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the review she posted in a closed Facebook group.

The caption reads:

"I had a small freak out neck and face finally match each other.

Didn't realize I was this light. Loving the feeling of the foundation so far tho. Also, I'm albino I have no pigment so it be hard to get a nice match... always end up orange. Now, I'm rethinking all those times I went orange."

Krystal was using the Fenty Beauty foundation and primer in shade #110.


And, she thinks they even have a shade lighter than that.

Fair play Rihanna.

You're doing good work, girl.