Make-up lovers will be obsessed with this beauty brand's new feature 5 years ago

Make-up lovers will be obsessed with this beauty brand's new feature

This will be so helpful.

Sephora has long been a front runner when it comes to make-up and beauty.


But its latest feature will have you on its website 24/7.

Introducing the 'Beauty Insider Community'. The 'Community' has just been launched and it's a digital platform for all things make-up, beauty and skin care.

First of all, you need to join Sephora's Beauty Insider group. When you're in this group, you can avail of some amazing samples and tips.

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However, if you join the new 'Community', you will be thrown into a world of knowledge, with professional artists and make-up gurus giving you inside tips on how best to use your make-up.

According to Glamour, it will also give you advice before you buy any products, so you don't end up with a €50 foundation that doesn't suit your skin colour.

The new 'Community' offers an entire range of chats to join, so if you have oily skin, there will be a conversation solely based on the difficulties of oily skin. Score.


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As well as group chats, there's also a 'Get Inspired' page, which will give you all the inspo you need for a night out.

And lastly, there's a 'Talk About It' section, so if you have any queries about potential make-up problems, you can ask experts right there.


The feature has just launched however, on August 22 even more 'Community' aspects are being rolled out, so keep your eyes peeled.

We can already see us using this everyday.