"Clown Contouring" Is The Latest Make-Up Trend 8 years ago

"Clown Contouring" Is The Latest Make-Up Trend

While you may have heard of the contouring craze, one YouTube beauty vlogger has taken it to another level with a new tutorial.

Bella DeLune believes "clown contouring" is the key to achieving flawless make-up.


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It started when Bella, whose real name is Esther Isabel Amado Romo, collaborated with blogger MakeUp by Ado and uploaded a short Instagram clip featuring the circus themed make-up.

Her followers were so impressed with the finished look that she received a number of requests asking for a full video on the idea.

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Chatting about the video, Esther said: "We did this extreme colour correct highlighting contour collab to basically send a message even though you don't need this amount of makeup or any makeup at all to feel or look beautiful.

"Let's face it makeup is fun and it's a way of expressing yourself.

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"Personally I can't tell you how many times I have been called a clown and been called many other names and be hated on because of the way I use this art form" said Esther.


Check it out below.