Eye-lighter: the makeup trend that apparently makes your eyes look even bigger 11 months ago

Eye-lighter: the makeup trend that apparently makes your eyes look even bigger

Who doesn't love a cheeky bit of highlighter?

As someone who is often intimidated by makeup and its challenging applications, highlighter is my absolute favourite product.


It's relatively easy to put on, it makes me feel glamourous and it looks stunning in pictures - what's not to love?

Indeed, highlighter and I are in a loving, stable relationship, and it now seems that the two of us are going to take it the next level.

That's right, we're heading north because, according to the latest beauty trends, highlighter is absolutely whopper at making your eyes look massive.

Beauty bloggers are calling it 'eye-lighter', and are swearing by it.


Now, as someone who is too intimidated by most eye makeup trends - I don't line my top lid, I can't do fancy eye-shadow and I've never even attempted a cut crease - I felt eager to at least try this one. At the end of the day, highlighter and I are on good terms.

After giving it a go, I can attest that it does kind of work. I grabbed a wee brush and swept my fail-safe choice - Huda Beauty's Santorini - across my lids. Indeed, I was left with shimmery eyes that looked a bit bigger. On top of that, it didn't look like a total amateur hour, so I'll take that as a win.


It's worth noting, however, that given my skillset, I kept it very simple. Makeup aficionados, like Marie Dausell for instance, are taking eye-lighter to much greater heights.

Terry Barber, the creative director of Makeup Artistry at MAC Cosmetics explained the allure of the trend on Mac's website recently.


Barber writes: "From Sixties style white-out eyelids to washes of futuristic pearl, icy pale eyeshadow worn solo has become the statement of choice for a fresher alternative to the classic smoky eye, whether it's a lid-to-brow block shadow, a graphic liner or pop of metallic in the corners."

So whether you chose to pop some highlighter on your lids to rebuff the beloved smoky eye, or to just try make your eyes look bigger, there's no doubt that this trend will be making itself known as we head into silly season.