Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags With This Surprising Tip 6 years ago

Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags With This Surprising Tip

Anyone who suffers from insomnia will know that sleepless nights take their toll and it can be difficult to disguise how tired you're feeling.

Your skin might be dull, your eyes are bloodshot and it's next to impossible to disguise the dark circles under your peepers.



While we've tried every brand of concealer and eye cream there is, those under eye bags just won't budge.

The good news is there's an interesting way to disguise them and the product you need is probably already in your make-up bag.

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Deepica Mutyala, a YouTube beauty vlogger, swears by red lipstick for disguising those pesky circles.

It might sound bizarre but after watching the video, we can see that the warm red shade balances the cool tones in her skin.


This provides the perfect base for concealer and it blends seamlessly after using the lipstick first.

If you're concerned about what shade to use, a lip palette is often a good choice as there are plenty of colours to test out so you get the perfect match.

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